It happens now

You’re talking about a major thoroughfare at 3:30 in the afternoon OK.
What is explained to Ben there is,
we would have to go to what’s called a tact alert here
to get this problem solved.
And we’re not going to do that.

Are you listening to me? Or am I talking to the wind here?
You cannot, you, you cannot promise me that you’re not gonna have
a crowd that reaches limits that we cannot control
You cannot promise me that. You’re drawing them in by the dozens now.

The Police Department has the authority to shut these locations down,
and that is exactly what we are doing.
And I apologise to you for having to have all your equipment
moved out of here, but it is over as of now.

There is no compromise.

You got a responsibility to the citizens of this city.
You’re drawing people in from Orange County
and all over the goddamn place.
We’re shutting the location down.
There is no vote.

It happens now.

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