This is not chess

Evil tempts us with our weakness, with our desire for comfort, being comfortable, cautious, rational, civilised. What kind of civilisation are we fighting for, if we allow war crimes and genocide again? What kind of world are we leaving for our children and grandchildren if we only talk of the past and the future while ignoring murder and misery in the present?

This is not chess. This is not a battle between opposite colors, but of opposite values. Freedom, life and love versus tyranny, death and hatred.

Stand with Ukraine in the fight against evil

It happens now

You’re talking about a major thoroughfare at 3:30 in the afternoon OK.
What is explained to Ben there is,
we would have to go to what’s called a tact alert here
to get this problem solved.
And we’re not going to do that.

Are you listening to me? Or am I talking to the wind here?
You cannot, you, you cannot promise me that you’re not gonna have
a crowd that reaches limits that we cannot control
You cannot promise me that. You’re drawing them in by the dozens now.

The Police Department has the authority to shut these locations down,
and that is exactly what we are doing.
And I apologise to you for having to have all your equipment
moved out of here, but it is over as of now.

There is no compromise.

You got a responsibility to the citizens of this city.
You’re drawing people in from Orange County
and all over the goddamn place.
We’re shutting the location down.
There is no vote.

It happens now.

Tsar Bomba

De krachtigste nucleaire explosie door mensen ooit gemaakt: de tsar bomba. Op 20 oktober 1961 werd 50 megaton TNT tot ontploffing gebracht boven Nova Zembla. Om dat een beetje in perspectief te plaatsen, de atoombom op Hiroshima was 15 kiloton.

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Nu zijn de Russische (propaganda) opnames van die tijd eindelijk declassified, en te zien (met Engelse ondertiteling) op Youtube:

Sleep Faster!

That guy is like I don’t sleep 6hrs a day, I sleep 8. Well sleep faster!
Arnold Schwarzenegger

This is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Rules of Success:

  • Have goals, purpose, and visions.
  • Don’t listen to the naysayers or doubters.
  • We have to work our ass off and advertise.
  • Don’t have a backup plan. We function better if there is no safety net.
  • Never doubt yourselves.
  • Everyone fails and losers stay down. To be a winner we have to fail, we have to never be afraid of failing, we have to never stay down, and we have to get up continuously.
  • Being relaxed and giving it everything we have is the best way to perform.
  • Help out others and give back to the world.

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