100 yen love

100 Yen Love

20141 h 53 min

Slacker Ichiko gets into a fight with her younger sister and begins to live on her own, working the late shift at a 100 yen shop. On her way home, she passes a gym and meets middle-aged boxer Kano who trains there in silence... An adaptation of a screenplay that won the Shunan Film Festival's inaugural Yusaku Matsuda Grand Prize. Director Masaharu Take powerfully depicts human frailty and a woman's attempt to salvage her dreary life. Sakura Ando gives a fully-committed performance in the lead role, with a dynamic supporting cast in her corner including co-star Hirofumi Arai. Rock band CreepHyp provides the theme song.

Title 100 Yen Love
Director Masaharu Take
Runtime 1 h 53 min
Movie Format
Movie Rating Average

Ichiko is een 32 jarige loser. Als mams haar eindelijk het huis uitschopt, is ze gedwongen om voor zichzelf te gaan zorgen. Ze neemt een baantje in de 100 yen (1 dollar) shop. Gaandeweg ontpopt Ichiko zich van fatsige loser tot boksende dame.

Maar ja, gedoemde relaties, hopeloze gevallen, de subcultuur van Tokyo blijft een gevangenis.